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The case ‘Oad: a 90-year-old Family Business in Trouble’ is published and  launched at Erasmus University Rotterdam at November 10, 2015. Special case discussions are being organized for a selected group of interested parties (ca. 20 persons) to discuss the Oad case on Tuesday January 12, 2016, we will discuss the case at Amsterdam based restaurant Loetje aan ‘t IJ from 16:00 to 18:30. 

For more information and application, please click here. After these special sessions, the Oad case wil be included in the Strategy & Governance Excellence Series Workshop “The Family Business: dealing with changing times” on June 7, 2016. At request, The Decision Institute can also organize in-house or in-company case discussions (contact: Hagar Michel, MSc., 020-4040111).


The Decision Institute has more than a decade of case writing experience and is frequently asked by companies and organizations to write a case about their business. These business cases are subsequently used for educational purposes within the ordering organization or for marketing purposes. Due to our extensive academic network, we sometimes contribute to the case writing of universities, such as Harvard Business School and Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2015, the Imtech and Oad cases were finalized.

Dean and founder of The Decision Insitute, prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam is a great supporter of the Harvard Case Method and has tried to bring this concept to The Netherlands for more than fifteen years now. He first gained recognition for his own case writing with the business cases about Ahold in 2005. He was asked to team up with Michael Porter and Jorge Ramirez-Vallejo to write a business case about the Dutch flower cluster for Harvard Business School in 2011. Other members of the case writing team are Vincent Wiersma, MSc. (Health & Life Sciences), Hagar Michel, MSc. (Corporate Governance) and Henrik Verzijl, MSc. LL.M. (Strategy & Corporate Governance).

Job Woudt, Journalist at ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ and writer of the book about Oad ‘Enkele Reis Holten’ about the Oad case:
“Leuk om het verhaal nu eens in de Harvard Business Case-formule weer terug te lezen. Chapeau.”

For more information about case writing and (in-company) teaching, please contact Hagar Michel, MSc.. Would you like to be notified, when The Decision Institute is teaching one of its cases, please fill in the Contact Form on the bottom of this page.

Selection of (public) cases written by The Decision Institute:

∙ Van Eenennaam, F., Michel, H.L. & Verzijl, H.J., ‘Oad: a 90-year-old Family Business in Trouble’ (2015), Erasmus University Rotterdam.
∙ Van Eenennaam, F. & Hogervorst, D., ‘The Dutch Flower Cluster (B) in 2014: staying ahead?’ (2015).
∙ Van Eenennaam, F., Michel, H.L. & Verzijl, H.J., ‘Royal Imtech N.V.: Rebuilding the Future’ (2015), Erasmus University Rotterdam.
∙ Van Eenennaam, F. & Verzijl, H.J., ‘KPN: Mexicans at the Gates’ (2014).
∙ Van Eenennaam, F. & Verzijl, H.J., ‘Vestia: Public Housing or Investor in Derivatives’ (2014).
∙ Van Eenennaam, F., Brüheim, K., Van Leeuwen, R. & Vuijk, F., ‘Prosensa; Pioneering and Partnering (2012).
∙ Porter, M.E., & Ramirez-Vallejo, J. & Van Eenennaam, F., ‘The Dutch Flower Cluster (2011), Harvard Business School.
∙ Van Eenennaam, F. & Mens, M., ‘Ahold’s road to recovery’ (2005).
∙ Van Eenennaam, F. & Mens, M., ‘The Ahold Crisis’ (2005).

Selection of (public) cases currently worked on by The Decision Institute: Volkswagen, The Harbor of Rotterdam, Rabobank, Vestia B, KPN B.

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