A balance between the theoretical and encountered practical aspects

The Masterclass “Governance and Governance Entities in Healthcare” (Dutch: Besturen en Bestuurlijke Entiteiten in de Gezondheidszorg), held on June 16th, was a success. The input of the attendees, whose background varied from consultant to medical specialist, created an interactive discussion. The various insights highlighted different important aspects of the fundamentals of governance and created a positive loop of continuous input. Guided by prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam, a balance was created between the theoretical and encountered practical aspects put forward by the attendees. The Masterclass was perceived as a topic in which the core aspects seem simple but in reality are not. Most attendees were positively surprised by the quality of the discussion and the teaching method used.
We hope to welcome you during one of the upcoming Masterclasses, Workshops or Summer Schools during which we can exchange thoughts in an interactive discussion. Click here for the brochure of our upcoming Summer School Health on July10th.

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