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The Decision Institute’s work has a strong academic base. This page offers an overview of the Decision Institute’s academic work.

The Decision Institute develops courses,  course programs and course materials for MBAs and executives in business and for higher education. Case writing and teaching are activities we perform to support and build up to existing courses.  The members of  The Decision Institute are experienced lecturers and speakers.


The Dutch Flower Cluster case is a business case on the success of the Dutch flower sector.  Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam of The Decision Institute is co-writer of the case, together with writers Professors Michael E Porter and Jorge Ramirez Vallejo of Harvard Business School and with the help of FloraHolland. The case is part of the MoC MBA course (link to TDI.Academic.MoC) and was launched on April 5th. The first teaching of the case was  performed at Harvard Business School by Prof. Dr. Michael E. Porter. Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam and Dirk Hogervorst operated as protagonists.


Prosensa; Pioneering and Partnering is a Harvard Business Style Case on the success of the Biotech company Prosensa and Dutch Life Sciences &  Health cluster. The case is written by The Decision Institute: Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam, Kim Bruheim, Msc., ir. Roald van Leeuwen and Fred Vuijk, Bsc . The objective is to demonstrate a success story of the Dutch biotech cluster which can be used for teaching at various universities and for promotional activities within the Netherlands or abroad. A consortium consisting of Leiden University, LSH, LUMC, NGI, PGGM, Prosensa, and especially all interviewees and editors, made it possible to develop the case.


The academic background of the members of The Decision Institute and the links and connections it has with various universities and faculties all over the world are a logical step towards doing our own research. The Decision Institute performs research activities in different fields and published several studies and reports.

The Decision Group, The Decision Institute, or the individual partners of The Decision Group collaborate with universities and business schools all over the world.


The Decision Institute and The Decision Group are affiliated to a large number of universities and business schools and linked with numerous academics. For both our consulting and our research activities we often contact these people for thorough academic grounding of our theoretic models and validation of our methodologies. The Decision Institute has Academic councils on Strategy & competitiveness and on Healthcare & Life Sciences.


The founders of The Decision Institute have an academic track record that goes beyond the activities The Decision Institute carries out.