Complaints Procedure


  1. If Participant has a complaint about the Study Program or organization thereof, an email stating the complaint must be sent to Barbara Mees or Sara Nonnekes via
  2. As soon as the complaint has been received and within 2 working days at the latest, a confirmation of receival will be sent to Participant.
  3. All complaints will be considered confidential and will be handled within 4 weeks of receival. If more time is needed byThe Decision Institute, the Participant will also be informed and kept up-to-date of the developments every two weeks.
  4. In case of a dispute,The Decision Institute will confer with an independent third party in the name of Wim Cassée ( If Wim Cassée is not available at the time of the dispute, Edward Lich will take his place. The decision of the third party is binding for The Decision Institute and possible consequences will be processed by The Decision Institute. In the event the dispute is taken to a court of law, The Dutch court in Amsterdam will prevail.
  5. We ask Participants with a complaint to first contact The Decision Institute before contacting the above.
  6. Complaints will be kept on file for one calendar year after the dispute has been settled.