The Decision Institute has renewed its corporate identity!

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We are very proud to present to you the new corporate identity of The Decision Institute as a pioneering business school. Through our new corporate identity we want to make clear that we are educational experts with a broad network, and that we continue applying our competencies in practice to contribute to breakthrough business decisions.

Pioneering Business School
The Decision Institute is an expert in tailor-made in-house programs: we deliver excellence in educational and developmental programs for businesses and other organizations. Our in-house programs cover the fields of strategy, corporate governance, health, life sciences and transformation; designed to create breakthroughs in actual dilemmas. Furthermore, The Decision Institute offers:

Next to designing and organizing programs, we conduct research and write Harvard style business cases. Last month, we delivered the business case Royal Imtech N.V.: Rebuilding the Future, developed together with Erasmus University Rotterdam. Click here for more information about case writing.

We hope to see you soon at one of our programs!

Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam
Dean The Decision Institute


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