The Decision Institute is a pioneering business school specializing in creating business breakthroughs in organizations/teams that make a difference in the connected world. To accomplish this mission, The Decision Institute offers tailor-made in-house programs, executive education, masterclasses, workshops, doctorate programs, international and (executive) MBA programs. The Decision Institute consists of five academic centers: Strategy, Corporate Governance, Health, Life Sciences and Change & Leadership and is related to leading international initiatives, such as the Microeconomics of Competitive (MoC) Network and the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe.

The Decision Institute (TDI) has gained 20 years of experience in education and has access to the most relevant and recent knowledge due to close collaboration with top international business schools and universities (amongst others Harvard Business School, George Washington University, St. Gallen Universität, CETYS Universidad and Erasmus University Rotterdam). Transferring knowledge, application and implementation of concepts and coaching people to apply insights in different situations and dilemmas are at the heart of our education. Dean and president of The Decision Insitute is Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam. TDI’s sibling – The Decision Group – focusses on strategy consulting.

For the Value-Based Health Care Green Belt Track 
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 How can you develop your business, teams and people at the same time?

Your company needs a unique approach, based on pioneering business school knowhow, business/consulting experience, and a specific didactic vision on education and training. The combination can be made by co-creating coaching and counseling to individuals, teams and groups. State-of-the-art consulting tools and techniques are used; mainly through serious gaming, simulation and the Harvard case method.

The Decision Institute creates tailor-made in-house programs to provide in-company development and education, together with organizations of all sizes.
We help build successful companies and teams by applying development and transformation programs for individuals, groups and businesses as a whole. Every program is a unique blend of cutting-edge education/knowledge/know-how to facilitate practical results for organizations, teams and individuals. Working together on actual issues using the right knowledge is essential for achieving breakthrough results.


The Decision Institute offers a series of open & degree programs in health, life sciences, strategy and corporate governance for which anyone with the right background can subscribe.



Since 2008, more than 21.100 international health care professionals followed Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) education at The Decision Institute. In co-creation with the founder of the VBHC concept – Prof. Michael E. Porter, Ph.D. (Harvard Business School) – The Decision Institute has developed a number of methodologies to implement the Value-Based Health Care from different perspectives: The medical condition, patient values, the care cycle, outcome measures, organization design, health costing, and value proposition. Through our masterclasses and VBHC Green Belt Track, we provide ‘tastings’ of these methodologies, by which you can internalize the concept and get enabled to start improving your own health care delivery.

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Forward-thinking (business) professionals are needed to shape (their) companies and help them stay ahead of the curve. Today’s business environment requires professionals who are not afraid of change and innovation. Your investments today are the basis for success in the future. We invite you to our workshops Strategy & Governance Excellence series, organized by The Decision Institute. Learn from the latest, best and most impressive Harvard cases, by expert in case teaching and writing Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam. The Excellence Series makes the latest international insights on strategy and governance quickly available and practically applicable for professionals in the Netherlands. Every masterclass touches on today’s issues; making it possible to learn from recent themes on strategy and governance.

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This years’ edition of the succesful Maximize Your Board’s Potential executive program which has run for the last five years, has been redesigned to meet the requirements asked of board members currently in the next phase of corporate governance developments. On June 8-12 2021, Maximize Your Board’s Potential will be conducted by the founder of The Decision Insititute,  Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, together with six guest speakers, each with their unique speciality with regards to governance. These experienced lecturers will join us from a variety of universities including; Harvard Business School (Prof. Jay Lorsch and Prof. William Kerr), Harvard Law School (Prof. Guhan Subramanian and Prof. John Coates) and The University of Virgina, Darden Business School (Dean Krehmeyer).

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The Decision Institute is one of the few organizations in The Netherlands able to organize both inward and outward programs. These programs are a sharp and carefully assembled blend of academic, business and social elements. The inward programs are organized for foreign groups in The Netherlands; outward programs are organized abroad for Dutch or foreign groups. Groups usually consist of executives from one or multiple companies or (MBA) students.

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In June 2016, The Decision Institute organized an inward program for the Executive Health Care Administration master students from the George Washington University.  They visited several Dutch hospitals, clinics and Floraholland. The students, as well as The Decision Institute considered this week as very educative and succesful.



The Decision Institute is proud partner of the Value-Based Health Care  (VBHC) Prize. The VBHC Prize recognizes inspiring initiatives that focus on patients, engage patients and their families while delivering excellent patient value.

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Value-Based Health Care – Roles of Doctors, Patients, and Other Stakeholders

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07 & 08/01/2021

Intensive VBHC Green Belt Track

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Value-Based Health Care – VBHC Core Concepts (NL)

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Value-Based Health Care – VBHC Core Concepts (ENG)

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Value-Based Health Care – Implementation Tools of VBHC (NL)

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Value-Based Health Care – Implementation Tools of VBHC (ENG)

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