The Decision Institute launches the Clinical Management Workshop Series. The aim of this workshop series is to make the latest international insights in clinical management and hospital strategy quickly available and practically applicable for professionals in the Dutch healthcare market. Each workshop is coupled to a relevant recent theme in healthcare in The Netherlands. Participants vary from healthcare professionals, management and executives in hospitals, health insurance companies, to the government or the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Accreditation by KNMG has been granted for all workshops.

Would you like to know how to setup clinical cooperation between hospitals, and how it really works? How to define and implement outcome measures? Or how to build and grow you organization? Learn from the insights and cases from thought leaders like Richard Bohmer, Michael Porter and Clayton Christensen.

Would you like to learn key insights from renowned institutions like Cleveland Clinics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or Dana Farber Cancer Institute?

Would you like to know how to apply these insight in the Dutch market ? Would you like to exchange ideas and insights with your peers and colleagues?


In the schedule below you find an overview of the coming sessions. All the sessions will be in Dutch. You can register for any workshop of the series easily via the online application form. The fee for a single workshop is €295,-. A series of three of the above workshops is €750,- (EUR 100,- supplement is charged for the summer school edition, because of its duration and the inclusion of a lunch). Accreditation by KNMG has been granted for all workshops. It is possible to register as an organization with varying participants. Please feel free to extend an invitation to a colleague or friend. For questions and suggestions do not hesitate to contact Henrik Verzijl, MSc. LL.M. via +31(0)20-4040111 or

To realize the Workshop Series, The Decision Institute uses the contacts, expertise and cooperation within its international academic network with leading universities and hospitals such as Harvard Business School, The George Washington University, St. Gallen University and the Cleveland Clinics. Each workshop consists of an intensive Harvard-style business case discussion on a leading international hospital, followed by focused discussions on practical areas of improvement for professionals working in or with hospitals in The Netherlands.

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