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Is gaining a deeper understanding of the role, tasks, responsibilities and challenges of the board one of your main goals?

Join our corporate governance program on June 8 – 11, 2020 at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MASS, USA.

Current and future board members must learn how to deal with disruptive times that bring complex oversight challenges. Demands for transparency, accountability, regulatory compliance, efficiency, corporate strategy involvement, value creation, sustainability, board dynamics, remuneration, etc., are continually increasing. A deeper understanding of the role, tasks and responsibilities of the board is needed to cope with the increasing demands of these topics. Join us to update your knowledge of the complex world of board members that face 2019 and the future.

During the seminar, delegates will spend four days discussing the best and latest Harvard Business cases on Corporate Governance. Skills essential to governance excellence in today’s business landscape are deliberated. The focus will be on maximizing the board’s potential and the differences in management of companies in the Netherlands and the US. All important aspects of board governance will be addressed, varying from external governance in global finance, legal and regulatory institutional frameworks, to governance inside the top layers of corporations and family businesses.

∙ What are the global oversight challenges boards worldwide face in disruptive times?
∙ What should be on the board’s agenda from 2019 onwards, creating shared future value?
∙ In what way do board dynamics and moments of truth influence (future) decision making?
∙ The latest and best cases and insights, shared by leading faculty at the Harvard Faculty Club.
∙ High quality peer group and peer-to-peer didactics.


The sessions take place in the elegant Harvard Faculty Club. During the seminar, activities will be organized on campus and in Cambridge, MA, USA. The curriculum is based on group work and Learning by the Case Method. Personal board styles will be evaluated and discussed, to see the details needed to improve one’s style. Click here for more information on the program through the brochure.

Next years’ edition of the succesful Maximize Your Board’s Potential executive program, which has run for the last seven years*, meets the requirements asked of board members currently in the next phase of corporate governance developments. The program will be conducted by the founder of The Decision Insititute,  prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam together with multiple guest speakers, each with their unique speciality with regards to governance. These experienced lecturers will join us from a variety of universities including; Harvard Business School (Jay Lorsch and William Kerr), Harvard Law School (Guhan Subramanian and John Coates) and The University of Virgina, Darden Business School (Dean Krehmeyer).

*Maximize Your Board’s Potential was co-created with Rodria Laline from Intrabond Capital from 2011 – 2015

Many executives and vice presidents of large companies participated in past editions of the program. For them, the importance of understanding new corporate governance, has proven to be extremely useful when intending to expand business ventures, navigating complexity, risks and uncertainty, and not in the least developing leadership tools.

“This class does an excellent job for senior business leaders to understand new corporate governance, the dynamics between the CEO, the Chairman and other members of the Board and to understand how audit, corporate governance nominating & compensation and risk management committees can function best. It makes it easy to appreciate board, executive team and shareholder perspectives in a US and European setting.”
– Gerard Paulides, Shell International Europe, CFO Vice President Strategy & Finance

“The global diversity of the attendees and courses really added to the dialogue and the value of the experience for me.
I also found the content around corporate strategy, talent and execution to be very useful, including world class HBS professors.”

– Vice President, Global Strategic Services Partners Cisco Systems

Maximize Your Board’s Potential is intended for current and future board members and high level executives. The program is given at an executive MBA level.

Amrop Executive Search
APG Asset Management
ASR Nederland
Asyst Technologies
Atherton Consulting Group
Brocade Communications
Cisco Systems

Delta Hydrocarbons BV
DNB Central Bank of The Netherlands
Erasmus School of Economics
Ernst & Young
Flatfield Multi Print
General Electric
Governance Support BV
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Maes & Lunau Executive Search
Merck Sharp & Dohme

Philips  Handheld Diagnostics
Schiphol Group
Shell International
Start People BV
Trivium Corporate Solutions
US Commercial Service
US Embassy Beijing
Woman Capital

For more information or questions about the program, please download the brochure or send an e-mail to Aida Nooshin (a.nooshin@thedecisioninstitute.org), program manager and manager of the Center for Corporate Governance at The Decision Institute. To register for participation, please fill out the online application form or send an e-mail for further inquiry.

  • A week before the start of the program, participants will receive the reading materials via e-mail.
  • Upon their arrival, participants will receive a binder with the reading materials in hard-copy.
  • The reading materials contain several Harvard Business cases and other supporting literature.
  • The directive time for self study prior to the program is 12 hours.
  • Dutch participants may receive 25 PE points from NBA.
  • If you have any questions, suggestions, compliments or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • All questions will be answered within five days.

Daily schedule:

9:00 am – 12:15 pm:  Morning sessions
12:15 pm – 1:00 pm:  Lunch
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm:    Afternoon sessions
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm:    Evening program*
*The evening program fluctuates per evening, variating from a Harvard tour to dinner to an after dinner teaching session.