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The Decision Institute offers several options for a MBA, MHA or (Inter)national programs. Find out more about the programs by clicking on the buttons bellow. 

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Since 1998, The Decision Institute has been pioneering in-company customized programs. The modern business school takes pride in a strong focus on the needs and challenges of our customers. This customer-focus stems from:

Knowing that the future of business education is in practical solutions complimented by the latest breakthroughs in a “learning-by-doing” environment. Recognizing that every organization, team or department is unique and that educational programs should be tailored accordingly. Seeing issues from a new perspective of an individual’s understanding regarding specific organizational issues.
The Decision Institute has discovered the necessity of synergy between the head, hands and heart in educational programs. The head applies concepts, these concepts can be put to use in business by the hands. The heart is the driving force behind actions, motivating and exciting us. People need to be able to visualize a solution in order for it to be practically applicable. Purely theoretical based solutions are challenging to implement. Aligning these three essential parts is key to the pioneering ability of educational approach.


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Are you looking for the most advanced and prestigious MBA/MHA? Would you like to broaden your horizons and combine your business knowledge with academic research in the form of a Doctorate Business Degree? The Decision Institutes Programs allows these possibilities to be within your reach.