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“We have been working with Prof. M. Porter on the concepts of Value-Based Health Care. We are official partner of Prof. Porter for implementation in NL and the EU.” – ir. Maarten Koomans, former Chairman of Value-Based Health Care Center Europe and former consultant of The Decision Group.

It is the vision and aim of Value-Based Health Care Center Europe to share key practices, experiences and knowledge on Value-Based Health Care to put Patient Value at the core.

The center provides a platform where visitors can learn about the VBHC concepts, share their own knowledge and get inspired to start the discussion on Patient Value. It stimulates and support the implementation and change of organizations towards Value-Based Health Care in The Netherlands and Europe.





VBHC Center Europe organizes the yearly VBHC Prize. Again this year, many health care initiatives that strive to increase patient value in health care compete for the VBHC Prize 2016. Read more on the event’s website.