Value-Based Health Care Green Belt Track – Blended Learning

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Do you want to become a Value-Based Health Care expert and be recognized for it? Follow the interactive VBHC Green Belt Track in which you will be trained to become a VBHC Green Belt. 

The Value-Based Health Care Green Belt Track provides you with insight in the essentials of VBHC. It encompasses the philosophy, core concepts and key tools in the field of VBHC based on theory and practical examples. It enables you to bring your conversations with colleagues and customers to the next level. In four online sessions, you will be prepared for the VBHC Green Belt exam of VBHC Center Europe.

The online sessions take place throughout the year and are flexible to follow::

  • You can enter the track whenever it is convenient for you;
  • You can follow the sessions in random order;
  • If you already followed VBHC education, a custom track can be made.



The full VBHC Green Belt Track consists of four separate sessions of 3 hours. These sessions take place throughout the year and do not have to be followed in a specific order. Does a certain session not suit your agenda? No problem, you can enter the course at any time.

Intensive VBHC Green Belt Track- January 9 & 10, 2020 (FULL)
- May 16 & 17, 2020 - Barcelona, Spain
- August 27 & 28, 2020- The Netherlands
Upon request of medical specialist, the Intensive VBHC Green Belt Track allows you to become a Certified VBHC Green Belt in two-days. Gain a complete and thorough understanding of what VBHC is about in four theoretical sessions. Receive the newest insights and learn about the latest developments. Learn about (inter)national best-practices via four Harvard Business School case discussions and two inspirational keynote speakers. Including hotel stay!
VBHC Core Concepts- February 7, 2020
- May 8, 2020
- September 11, 2020
The main concepts of VBHC, such as patient value, outcomes, and costs, will be discussed.
Implementation Tools of VBHC- February 28, 2020
- May 22, 2020
- October 2, 2020
Various VBHC tools, which will allow you to make a practical start in your organization, will be discussed.
VBHC implementation challenges- March 13, 2020
- June 5, 2020
- October 23, 2020
During this session, the main challenges for VBHC implementation are adressed. You will be challenged to make a translation to your organization.
Roles of Doctors, Patients, and other Stakeholders- April 17, 2020
- July 3, 2020
- November 27, 2020
Using the concepts of 'medical leadership' and 'teamwork', your role in VBHC implementation will be addressed.

The VBHC Green Belt Track is intended for healthcare professionals, medical managers and clinical managers.

If you have any questions about the online sessions, the track or the fees, please contact Meagan Jongepier via




Your participation in the VBHC Green Belt Track enables you to take the VBHC Certified Green Belt exam.You will receive the certificate when you have answered ≥80% of the multiple choice questions correctly. More information about the VBHC Certified Green Belt exam is available on the  VBHC Center Europe website. Every two years, recertification takes place, based on the VBHC education you followed.

If you have not followed any VBHC education before, we recommend to follow the entire VBHC Green Belt Track. If you have followed VBHC education before, then it is possible, in consultation with VBHC Center Europe, to see if your knowledge is sufficient to take part in the exam, or if you may still need to follow some of the sessions above.


The fees for participating in the VBHC Green Belt Track online sessions vary. This has to do with a couple of circumstances, a.o. a membership of the VBHC Center Europe and previous followed education. For more information about the fees, please contact Meagan Jongepier at

Practical Information

  • All sessions take place via an interactive online session.
  • You will receive the reading materials at least one week before the start of each session.
  • The reading materials consist of one or more Harvard Business cases and supporting literature.
  • The self tutorial directive is 4 hours for each session.
  • All questions will be answered within five business days.