International Board Certification Program

 An online international program created by Boardwise and The Decision Institute

Why take part in this program?

  1. Taught by world-class global experts in corporate governance
  2. Dynamic, interactive, and international online setting
  3. Get personalized assessment by Boardwise experts
  4. Secure a level one board certification
  5. Understand and improve your effectiveness on a board
  6. Compare practices and ideas with director colleagues from other companies
  7. Become a capable contributor to public, private and advisory boards
  8. Topics covered range from “welcome to the boardroom” to leading-edge technology application, including AI-Decision Science and Cybersecurity.

You will learn

  1. the latest in governance issues and how to manage them
  2. how to prioritise board roles and responsibilities
  3. about the economic, legal, reputation and fiduciary responsibilities of directors
  4. about best practices for evaluating company financial and strategic performance


International Board Certification Program

Location: online

Duration: 9 two-hour long online sessions spread out in two months

Program offering schedule:

Spring Session: March 4- April 29, 2022               NOW CLOSED

Summer Session: May 6 – July 1, 2022                  OPEN

Early Fall Session: July 8 – September 2, 2022     OPEN

This program is offered by Boardwise and The Decision Institute.


Who will benefit

Our Board Certification Program is for aspiring and current board members who want to increase their ability to:

  • engage meaningfully in discussions of leading-edge topics
  • ask sharper questions more easily,
  • delve to the core of critical issues and
  • improve proportional impact in a boardroom to create more shareholder value

Program Structure

1. Initial Orientation

Participants complete an online Board Bona Fide® assessment to establish current board readiness. You have a one-hour private session with a Boardwise board expert coach to review your profile; discuss what type of board is the best match and explore suggestions for how to achieve your goal to serve on a board.

2. Governance Education Sessions

The live interactive program includes 9 online sessions, each of which is 2 hours.

Each session includes interviews with topic experts, facilitated presentations related to director duties and cares on the topic. You will also participate in experiential board exercises and simulations based on real-world situational cases.

Session Topics:

  • Fundamentals of Board Services
  • Global Governance
  • Financial Foundations
  • Board’s role in strategy and Innovation
  • Boards and big Decisions: cyber- & bio security and risk management
  • Boards and big decisions: artificial intelligence and decision making
  • Boards and big decisions: role of boards in the digital age
  • the CEO, your board style and board dynamics
  • Solutions for Specific Challenges
  • Expert forum: Addressing specific participant topics


Faculty and Experts:

  • Donna Hamlin
  • Brian Barnier
  • Jen McCluer
  • Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam
  • Marilyn Nagel


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Come with people and challenges, leave with a team and breakthrough results.
Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam

The Decision Institute Way

Real-world ready

We build learning around actual examples and practical tasks to make it all immediately relevant and useful.

Global network of experts

We work with world-leading industry experts to provide the most cutting-edge content.

Learn by doing

Build, create, experiment! We know from more than 20 years of experience that people learn best through active doing and making.

Work in teams

Collaboration is the modern core competence in a world of complexity and constant change.

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The self tutorial directive is approximately 4 hours for each session.

International Board Certification Program

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