Value-Based Health Care Black Belt

Become a Certified VBHC Black Belt and prove that you can lead VBHC implementation!

Are you a health care professional working towards an enhanced patient value? Do you aim for value-based health care implementation in your organization but require the right tools? Do you have a project outline but need expert guidance to pilot it?

The VBHC Black Belt Certificate is your next step! The Decision Institute has designed a program which allows health care professionals to dive deeper into the principles and methods of value-based health care through practice. The VBHC  Black Belt program combines knowledge, network and tools and allows you to design and implement your own VBHC project under an intensive training and coaching provided by VBHC experts.

What to expect?

  • 10 months of hands-on VBHC implementation with direct impact to your professional environment
  • 8 intensive group sessions which include content specifically designed to address your VBHC project
  • Assignments and collaboration with VBHC experts
  • 4 individual coaching sessions with a VBHC implementation expert relevant to your project field
  • 3 supervised peer-to-peer learning sessions
  • Supervision and feedback throughout the entire duration of your project
  • Online & on-site training
  • 46 hours of class time + 24 hours of assignments + >50 hours of project implementation
  • Upon a successful defence of your project, you will receive an internationally recognized VBHC Black Belt certificate issued by VBHC Center Europe

Who is it for?

The VBHC Black Belt is the next step for a certified VBHC Green Belt or equivalent.

It is designed for leaders across the health care sector who have the theoretical knowledge of value-based health care and want to apply it in practice.

You may work in a clinical setting, policymaking or health care management. Or you may come from industry related to health that is ready to showcase the value-based health care in their context.


The learning is directed through real world case studies (Harvard Business School Cases) and project-based learning from your course leaders who are VBHC experts. The material is paced across eight modules. Each module requires approximately 7 hours, which includes 3 hours of class time and 4 hours of assignment time.

Throughout the program, next to the eight modules of intensive group training and self-study, participants will receive four sessions of individual coaching with a VBHC implementation expert relevant to their project; and three peer-to-peer learning sessions to provide an opportunity to pull learning together.

When can you start?

The very first VBHC Black Belt cohort will start on the 29th of September, 2022. The registration is still open!

VBHC Black Belt Certification

The VBHC Black Belt is the certificate that proves your skills in value-based health care project design and implementation. To become a certified VBHC Black Belt, you will need to successfully defend your project in front of a faculty jury made up of VBHC experts. The defense of the project aims to demonstrate the ability to analyze processes and to implement project improvements using VBHC concepts, principles and tools.

VBHC Certified Black Belts are registered in the VBHC Certified Black Belt database and receive  (1) the VBHC Certified Black Belt Logo & (2) personal certificate.

Our Education

  • Physical education takes place in the Netherlands, unless otherwise indicated
  • Education accredited for medical specialists, hospital pharmacists, and registered nurses
  • BIG Points available for most Masterclasses and the VBHC Green Belt
  • CRKBO Registered Education
  • For questions, suggestions, complements, or complaints you can reach us via
  • We will always get back to you within 5 working days
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Our Participants

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The self tutorial directive is approximately 4 hours for each session.

Value-Based Health Care Black Belt

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