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“Good people only do not make value creating boards” – Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam

The Center for Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness is an independent and international center for understanding the complex dynamics among directors, executives and their shareholders. It is one of the centers of the business school The Decision Institute. These complex dynamics and decision making practices are built on more than 15 years of academic and practical board experience, research and board education. In our experience taking the perspective of the individual (independent, non-executive) board member proves extremely effective to increase the board’s performance.

25 academics and 46 international corporate governance experts are contributing to the center’s work to help fulfill the ambition to create and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge and experiences on corporate governance in The Netherlands, and, moreover, the world. With our assembled knowledge, we design programs for a wide variety of people helping them maximize their board’s potential.


The corporate governance center works on creating and disseminating knowledge on corporate governance in multiple ways. First of all, it contributes to over 2500 hours of education each year using its extensive most current corporate governance materials and database. This database contains over 300 modules, more than 5000 articles and books, 123 cases and a network of 250 corporate governance service providers. With this educational knowledge, academic responsibility and design of several programs are provided. Amongst others, contributions are being given to the Erasmus University Rotterdam The New CFO program, the highly successful Harvard Faculty Club based 4-day seminar on corporate governance Maximize Your Board’s Potential (created with Harvard Business School professors Jay Lorsch and Krishna Palepu and Professor Rodria Laline), the NCD program Governance Essentials, focused on value creation by supervisory board members, the modules ‘Tone at the Top’ and ‘Corporate Governance 3.0′ in the masterclass for RA-executives at Erasmus University and the Amsterdam School of Real Estate program on Governance & Real Estate. Next to these programs at other institutions, this center also supports several consulting activities provided by The Decision Group including, but not restricted to board training, board assessments, family business advice and training and providing advice on specific corporate governance questions or issues in all kinds of sectors.



Strategy & Governance Excellence Series 

The Excellence Series makes the latest international insights on strategy and governance quickly available by working with the latest, best and most impressive Harvard cases. After this program, professionals will walk away with all kinds of practically applicable ideas for (their) companies in the field of strategy and governance.

Maximize Your Board’s Potential

“Can you imagine being the personal guest of some of the most outstanding professors in the field of corporate governance? Together with a small group of executive or non-executive board members from organizations and places on the planet totally different from your own?  For me this was a great experience, as we studied and discussed the relevant case studies together, wondering what we would have done in a similar situation, and relating them to our personal experiences.”
– participant Maximize Your Board’s Potential

The seminar covers a wide-ranging variety of corporate governance topics that address virtually all important aspects of board governance ranging from governance inside the top layers of corporations and family businesses to external governance in global finance, legal and regulatory institutional frameworks. This program focuses on maximizing the potential of the board of each company as well as the differences in management of companies in different countries and has been designed with Harvard Business School professor Jay Lorsch and Professor Rodria Laline in 2008. It is an invitational only program aimed at business leaders who are or want to be active in international boards.

The New CFO

This program at Erasmus University Rotterdam focuses on the CFO. Since 2008, more attention has been raised on the role of the CFO. The CFO of a business has to look into the strategy, business models, the risks and also the changing relationship with share- and stakeholders. The Executive Program The New CFO for the CFO has been developed to create insight in the relevant themes and dilemmas and to start a discussion with high-end speakers from science and “thought leaders” of international practice.

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Masterclass voor RA-executives

In this masterclass for chartered accountants at Erasmus University Rotterdam prof. dr. van Eenennaam will dicuss two of the most pressing subjects for chartered accountants nowadays: the ‘Tone at the Top’ and the changes in corporate governance, ‘Corporate Governance 3.0’.

Governance Essentials

This is a program for supervisors or senior managers who are aspiring to be supervisors. In 8 days the participants will learn what the role of the supervisor in companies is and how a supervisor can add value in the proces of creating shared value of the corporation, now and in the future. The program will be filled with lectures and cases but wil evolve around the input of the participants. In group discussions the focus will be on current and future issues in the field of supervision.


Through the Decision Group, this center provides consultancy on different subjects:

  • Providing board counseling
  • Reflection on board practices
  • Individual advice, leadership and training
  • Creating Shared Value



Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam has a family business background and in the early nineties of the last century he advised families on strategy and family strategy. He also acted in investment board and has been a (non-executive) board member across Europe. He teaches at different Dutch and International universities, under which Erasmus University, The George Washington University and St. Gallen University. He has founded the Nyenrode Strategy Center in 2001, as part of Nyenrode Business Universiteit. In this center, he pioneered, created and led several leading and successful high-end executive programs for over a decade. These programs are:

Over the years, he has gained a lot of experience in teaching and writing business cases. He teaches several cases multiple times a year in different classes, programs and conferences. Under his supervision and together with his MBA student Maurits Mens, he has written the Ahold Harvard style case in 2003, which is widely used until this very day as a corner stone case in different board programs around the world. He finished a case on Vestia in 2013 and is currently working on cases about Imtech, KPN and Oad. Next to his academic work, he is co-founder and owner of The Decision Group, a leading-edge strategic consulting firm, and he has served on many boards.

Hagar Michel, MSc. is manager of the Center for Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness. In this function, she provides support to all the academic work regarding the field of corporate governance. She obtained her master’s degree in Public Administration and Organization Science at the Utrecht School of Governance and served on several boards and committees during her years of study.

We can help you with all your questions regarding corporate governance. Please contact: h.michel@thedecisioninstitute.org 

Agota Szabo, MSc. works as a Corporate Governance Researcher for The Decision Institute. She gained her master’s degree in International Business Administration at the Erasmus University and is currently writing her PhD in the field of corporate governance at the Amsterdam Business Research Institute. She has been involved in designing executive educational programs and in different research projects regarding strategy and corporate governance. Together with the Center for Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness, she is also involved in three other PhD projects around the world.

Contact: a.szabo@thedecisiongroup.nl