Corporate Governance

The Center for Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness is an independent and international center for understanding the complex dynamics among directors, executives and their shareholders. These complex dynamics and decision making practices are built on more than 15 years of academic and practical board experience, research and board education. In our experience taking the perspective of the individual (independent, non-executive) board member proves extremely effective to increase the board’s performance.


Living Cases on Corporate Governance

Download our research the case

“Fraud Governance Case”In: Hilb M. (eds) New Living Cases on Corporate Governance.



The Fraud Governance Case case is about a Dutch listed company “Imtech” that tried a restart and failed at it. 

There are a couple of spinning questions in the case like:

  • Why did the supervisory board and the management board dynamics prevent the appropriate actions?
  • Why did the decentralised local entrepreneurial model fail and to what extent were the missing Corp governance systems to blame?
  • What should the supervisory board have done to mitigate their company and personal risks? 
You can find the most important lessons learned in the latest selection of Living Cases on Corporate Governance of Martin Hilb featuring our insights on the Imtech company.

State-of-the-art programs

Maximize Your Board’s Potential Program 

Maximize Your Board’s Potential is an invitational state-of-the-art corporate governance program for the international summit hosted in the Harvard Faculty Club. During the intensive four days, eight thought leaders including professors from Harvard and Virginia University will share their experiences while discussing the most recent Harvard Business Cases. All important aspects of board governance will be addressed, varying from external governance in global finance, legal and regulatory institutional frameworks, to governance inside the top layers of corporations and family businesses

Board Certification Program

Learn about recent governance issues and  their management  and secure a level one board certification. This highly interactive online program is taught by world-class global experts in corporate governance and ideal for aspiring and current board members who want to increase their ability to engage meaningfully in discussions on leading-edge topics.

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Improve your board contribution by discussing all important aspects of board governance and recent governance issues. You can join one of our state of the art corporate governance programs provided by top governance experts or we can tailor make a program for your organization and governance challenges. Reach out to us and explore the opportunities!

What does the Center of Corporate Governance provide?

25 academics and 46 international corporate governance experts are contributing to the centre’s work to help fulfil the ambition to create and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge and experiences on corporate governance in The Netherlands, and moreover, the world. With our assembled knowledge, we design programs for a wide variety of people helping them to maximize their board’s potential.

Specialized Programs and Seminars

We provide specialized global programs on late-breaking governance issues with our US-based partner BoardWise. Directors can learn from seasoned, expert public company directors who have the knowledge and experience to keep directors in dynamic, high-growth companies current. We focus on maximizing the potential of the board of each company as well as the differences in management of companies in different countries. 

Masterclass for RA-executives

In this masterclass for chartered accountants at Erasmus University Rotterdam prof. dr. van Eenennaam will discuss two of the most pressing subjects for chartered accountants nowadays: the ‘Tone at the Top’ and the changes in corporate governance, ‘Corporate Governance 3.0’.

Advanced Corporate Strategy at St. Gallen Universität

In the five days the Advanced Corporate Strategy course comprises, one learjs to master concepts that go beyond the average. The course focuses on the two key areas of gaining strategic insight and dynamics of strategy. First, it addresses the foundations of strategic thinking, some of the fundamental insights from the strategies of successful companies, and the main elements and concepts of strategy. Furthermore, the course goes beyond the static view of strategy. It introduces the concepts of uncertainty, competitive actions and reactions and complex dynamics and discuss how these affect a company’s strategic landscape.

Professor Dr. Fred van Eenennaam

Prof Dr Fred van Eenennaam developed several leading board and strategy programs. In The Netherlands he has been (co)building the New CFO program, the New Board Program, the Boards for non-listed firms program (Dutch Center for Directors and Non Executives). On international and global Board Programs, Fred has built the Maximize Your Board Potential Program, with The Decision Institute, hosted at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MASS, USA, (2010 - 2021), IESE Board Program (2014-2016). He served on the board of his family businesses, in Technology/Biotechnology driven firms and healthcare life sciences industries. He conducts board evaluations, board training, board coaching, inhouse governance education both for board members and for managers as part of their executive/leadership education. Fred is a member of the Swiss Institute of Director chaired by Prof Martin Hilb). Prof M E Porter, Ph D bestowed him to his Micro Economics of Competitiveness Hall of Fame of Harvard Business School in 2012. He is an affiliated faculty of the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Center of HBS (since 2001).

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