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Our world is getting ever more complex and business needs to adapt to new challenges every day. To keep up in this rapidly changing world, you need to stay ahead of the curve. 

This is why prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam is hosting the one-evening 21st Century Leadership masterclasses that give you access to the most relevant Harvard Business Case discussions and enlightening conversations with experienced, successful business leaders who face and tackle similar issues to you.

These masterclasses aim to support business leaders in managing complex strategic issues, transformation processes, as well as corporate governance challenges. You can gain applicable skills, build new business capabilities, and tap into the confidence you need to improve your organization. 

Take full advantage of these insightful discussions by joining on location or online from anywhere in the world!

The 2023 Agenda

May 30 | Digital Transformation

Aug 22 | Shared Value Creation and CSR

Oct 24 | Managing Digital Innovation

Nov 21 | Corporate Governance

*Each masterclass is a 5-hour long session from 16:00 to 21:00 (CET). 

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Session Details


Digital Transformation

May 30, 2023

The COVID crisis has accelerated the need to transform strategy and ways of organizing through digital technologies to be innovative and competitive. Understand the motivations behind the second phase of digital transformation, and how it contributes to building a future-ready enterprise.

Case Discussions:

Transformation at ING: Agile

“The banking sector was undergoing changes unlike anything seen before. We realized if we wanted to be successful we needed to change as well, thus we embarked on the agile transformation. But we decided not to go in steps, because if you wait until you are ready to go, you will never move. We just went all the way for a full transformation and then we figured out how we could improve.”

DBS: From the “World’s Best Bank” to Building the Future-ready Enterprise

Upon completing the first phase (2009-2014) of the transformation that radically “rewired” the entire enterprise for digital innovation, DBS initiated its second digital push in 2015 to address ever-emerging threats from fintech companies and institutional constraints on acquisition-led organic expansion. To DBS, the largest bank in Southeast Asia by assets, this digital transformation was an ongoing journey in building a next-generation enterprise. It centered on developing the core capabilities to be ready for a digital future, i.e., the agility to scale technology infrastructure, delight customers, connect with ecosystem partners, and innovate in ways that are unimaginable today. The case details how DBS was preparing these capabilities by undertaking three fundamental “philosophical shifts”: to reinvent DBS by becoming digital to the core, embedding DBS in the customer journey, and creating a 26,000-person start-up. The case also highlights the bank’s methodology for measuring the financial value created by digitalisation; DBS is believed to be the first bank in the world to have done so. Furthermore, the case describes DBS’s latest strategic move to embark on its next stage of transformation, i.e., to reorganise the company around (technology) platforms.


ESG, CSR and Shared Value Creation

Aug 22, 2023

Mounting social and environmental pressures are reshaping the competitive landscape for companies in every industry, including retail, manufacturing, health, financial services, energy, and food and beverage. For corporate leaders, the message is clear: In today’s world, companies that create Shared Value by addressing societal challenges as part of their core strategy achieve a competitive advantage.

Case Discussions:

Walmart: Navigating a changing retail landscape

As the largest company, by revenue, in the world, Walmart has been a lightning rod for criticism. However, in an attempt to stay ahead of traditional and digital retailers, and keep customers satisfied with evolving demands, the company is strengthening its competitive advantage by creating Shared Value. Current CEO, Doug McMillon outlines his strategy for fending off competition, navigating a challenging retail landscape, and positioning Walmart as a leading retailer for today and the future.

Patrimonio Hoy: A financial Perspective

Patrimonio Hoy, a program targeting the housing needs of low-income families launched by CEMEX, a major Mexican corporation, and a leading global cement company, has gone from a market research project to a highly visible initiative in 22 cities and has earned public recognition. The president of Cemex North America must decide whether it is corporate social responsibility or a new business line. In the process, it allows analysis of the Patrimonio Hoy program versus the traditional alternatives from the perspectives of both the end-user and the corporation.


Managing Digital Innovation

Oct 24, 2023

Over the last two decades, ‘born digital’ companies such as TikTok and Google led the way as key innovators in their industry. Are you interested in what turned Google into the tech giant it is today? How does the company culture foster innovation? What challenges did Byte Dance face when spreading TikTok internationally and managing AI?

Case Discussions:

Google’s Global Business Organization: Managing Innovation at Scale

Google has faced major challenges associated with “innovation at scale” in a fast-moving and growing organization of 20,000+ people. Thus Philipp Schindler (Chief Business Officer) has developed specific management techniques and implemented programs and organizational structures that have helped promote innovation within Google’s business organization and made it the tech player it is today.

Byte Dance Beyond China: Leveraging Consumer Artificial Intelligence from Toutiao to Musical.ly and TikTok

ByteDance, the Chinese company behind TikTok made headline news in 2018 when it was valued at $75 billion, surpassing Uber (at $72 billion) to become the world’s most valuable start up. However, its rise to fame was not without missteps. It fell foul of China’s internet censors in April 2018 that resulted in a 24-hour shutdown, a “self-reflective” public apology from CEO Zheng Yiming, and the banning of creators whose content was ‘against community values’.  In March 2019, TikTok has also been fined a record $5.7 million by the US Federal Trade Commission for collecting personal data from children under 13 years of age and India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT has gone so far as to ban TikTok from App Store and Playe Store. What should ByteDance do in response to government fines/bans? What new applications can they build using AI capabilities?


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During the Harvard Business Case Method you can put yourself in the shoes of decision-makers at a real organisation facing a business issue. Often, the objective of the discussion is not to reach a consensus, but to understand how different people arrive to diverse conclusions. The discussions help you to get insights into various strategic and governance challenges and improve your decision-making process.

Read more about the Case Method.


One business case discussion can take 1 -2 hours long., depending on the session. During the masterclasses the case discussions lasts for 1 hour 30 mins.

The self tutorial directive is approximately 2 hours for each case.

Our programs are dedicated to executives, directors and business leaders. You can expect to have practical discussions with a small group of peers during the sessions. This ensures high quality, dynamic conversations and match making opportunities.

If you signed up to one of our programs but can’t make it, don’t worry! We can sign you up to the next one with the topic of your interest!

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