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Strategy and Competitiveness is one of the major areas of expertise of The Decision Institute and therefore one of the five academic centers. The center is specialized in the topics core strategy (more specific: Breakthrough Strategies), international innovation and clustering. Research, teaching, case writing, and serious game design is done almost continuously on these three subjects.

Most recently, Prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam published (together with dr. Bas Karreman and dr. Martijn Burger):

Burger, M.J., Karreman, B. & Van Eenennaam, F. (2015), ‘The competitive advantage of clusters: cluster organisations and greenfield FDI in the European life sciences industry’, Geoforum, 65, 179-191.



The Center for Strategy and Competitiveness contributes to the content of (inter)national programs in its field. Amongst others, the Center is involved in the design, management and teaching of the following programs.

Strategy & Governance Excellence Series at The Decision Institute 

The Excellence Series makes the latest international insights on strategy and governance quickly available by working with the latest, best and most impressive Harvard cases. After this program, professionals will walk away with all kinds of practically applicable ideas for (their) companies in the field of strategy and governance. Please have a closer look at the Strategy & Governance Excellence Series and its themes for this academic year.

The New CFO at Erasmus University Rotterdam

This program focusses on the CFO. Since 2008, more attention has been raised on the role of the CFO. The CFO of a business has to look into the strategy, business models, the risks and also the changing relationship with share- and stakeholders. The Executive Program The New CFO for the CFO has been developed to create insight in the relevant themes and dilemmas and to start a discussion with high-end speakers from science and “thought leaders” of international practice.

For an interesting article on this subject from Elsevier, click here and here for The New CFO.

Strategy, Competitiveness and Governance at Erasmus University Rotterdam

This course within the “Executive Master of Finance & Control” program (in Dutch: Opleiding tot Registercontroller) at Erasmus University Rotterdam focuses on the professional perspective of the controller on gaining knowledge and understanding of various aspects of strategic management. In seven lectures the most important aspects of Strategy, Competitiveness and Governance are highlighted. Gaining strategic insight is key.

For the Executive Master of Finance & Control, click here.

Advanced Corporate Strategy at St. Gallen Universität

In the five days the Advanced Corporate Strategy course comprises, one learjs to master concepts that go beyond the average. The course focuses on the two key areas of gaining strategic insight and dynamics of strategy. First, it addresses the foundations of strategic thinking, some of the fundamental insights from the strategies of successful companies, and the main elements and concepts of strategy. Furthermore, the course goes beyond the static view of strategy. It introduces the concepts of uncertainty, competitive actions and reactions and complex dynamics and discuss how these affect a company’s strategic landscape.